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Lois Professionally trained
BFA in Interior Design
Visually talented
Friendly and a Good Listener

"She designs rooms that reflect
you-your sense of
beauty, harmony and will
add value to your life style."


  • A GENERAL CONSULTATION: This is done entirely in your room, home, or place of business. We will discuss your needs & wants & Lois will walk the space with you as she will make suggestions & quick sketches. Typically items discussed are furniture placement; color & textures; product types; lighting &/ or accessories. This has a 4 hour minimum.

  • A SHOPPING CONSULTATION: This is usually a follow up to above, as Lois needs to understand the space first. We will meet at retailer of your choice, or at your computer. You will arrange all payment, delivery & installation. This is a 4 hour minimum, may take longer & does not include phone or e-mail opinions of items you found on your own. Please note if you desire: To-Scale Design Drawings please discuss this with Lois

a review from Rose B.

My husband and I were adding a room onto the back of our house and trying to decide whether or not to renovate the kitchen. I insisted on hiring an Interior Designer and he found Lois.

I had preconceived notions of what an "Interior Designer" might be like as we've all watched TV shows about home remodeling, and most of us would be led to believe that only the rich hire them. However, Lois was nothing that I would've expected and really got me excited about redoing the home we bought new 21 years ago.

She interviewed us, which I didn't expect and we spent a few hours getting to know each other...what our expectations were, what we were looking for, etc. We started out asking for her help in picking colors and arranging furniture in our new addition. She returned a week later with our color selections and some sample fabrics she thought would work and we never turned back.

I refer to Lois as the "color-whisperer"....She has this uncanny ability to pick out just the right color for any room of your house. And these are not just any color... They are YOUR colors! It's as if she's known you forever. Her knowledge and skills are unmatched. I watched her in awe walk around my home for an hour moving color samples all over...holding them up, rearranging them like a deck of cards, and like a magician - - - she presents you with the choices.

We ended up redoing the kitchen (everything..down to the studs) and renovating the entire first floor with new flooring, paint, trim, etc. We removed a wall at her suggestion and created an inviting entrance (from the garage...we don't come in through our front door) with room to move. I now have a hall closet that my home lacked.

Lois also helped us with window treatments in our new family room. We had installed wall to wall windows and didn't want to cover them up entirely as we really wanted to keep our views of the outside. She suggested solar shades.. brought over samples, and her installer hung them up.

I would never do any remodeling without Lois.